Commissioned Artwork and Graphics by the Artist:


"The River Guidess" - Commissioned Artwork

"The O Pathy" - Commissioned Artwork
Logo for Private Practice

"New York Skyline"  - Artwork at Noah Bagel's Stores *

             *New York Skyline Signs are displayed in
Noah's Bagel stores in the Bay Area & all over California





Business Card combined with 5th Dimensional Artwork


CD Cover for "The Venusians Music Band"

Door Post Sign


Entrance to Winery

Store Sign at Health food store, Emeryville 
Stationary & Business Cards

Beyond the Oil Paintings and Fine Arts, Eva Lindberg captures the graphical essence of what a client might want to put out in his/her business. A striking image that best projects a certain style of a business or project. The Design is taylored to accurately convey the talents of what the client has to offer to the public.

Logo's, Personal Portraits, Images, Graphic & Illustrations.

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